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  • The Great White North Triathlon
  • The Great White North Triathlon
  • The Great White North Triathlon
  • The Great White North Triathlon
  • The Great White North Triathlon
  • The Great White North Triathlon

Welcome to the GWN Website!

Place:   Allan Beach Resort / Stony Plain, Alberta
Date:   Sunday, July 2nd, 2017
Starting Time:   7:30 AM
Number of competitors:   Approx. 800 (750 triathletes & 25 teams!)
Number of volunteers:   550+
Ages of competitors:   18 +
Individual events:   18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+ yrs. (both men and women)
Team events:   mens, womens, mixed

Course records:
Female:  Heather Fuhr (San Diego) 4hrs., 14min., 18 sec. (93)
Male:  Jeff Symonds (Penticton, B.C.) 3hrs., 46min., 01 sec. (09)

The Great White North Triathlon is a long course event covering distances of 2Km open water swim, 90 Km on the bike, and a 21 Km run.

The race has two transition zones with the first one being at Allan Beach Resort located on the beautiful Hubbles Lake just 25 minutes west of Edmonton on highway 16 or 16A. It is at Allan Beach that the race begins with a 2Km swim. After the swim the athletes change out of their wetsuits and transition to the bikes to begin the second leg of the triathlon. This part will take them on a 90Km bike course through the Town of Stony Plain travelling south to highway 627 where they will turn west and continue to highway 770 (Genesse highway). From this point the course turns south and heads through the river valley to the turn around point at the Genesse Power Plant before returning on the same course and ending up at the Memorial Composite High School in Stony Plain. This is where the second transition occurs. The competitors will then change out of their bike clothes and into their running attire for the third and final leg of the race. The 21Km run portion is an out and back design which takes them on a scenic route through the park trail system in Stony Plain before returning for the finish in front of the Memorial Composite High School. The entire run course is marked with a green line!
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